Diary of a Newly Qualified Midwife: Day 2

Day 2: Unit orientation

Today was very different from yesterday indeed.

I met a couple of dozen lovely people who are my new colleagues ( I am a midwife, I am a midwife, I am a midwife), I got to see another lovely woman from my uni cohort as I was taken on the full tour of the unit and I discovered I already knew all the names of everyone in my induction group…because it’s just me!

That’s right. Billy No Mates RM

So when I first realised this, I felt a bit like I was a nuisance as everyone was giving me individual tutelage on various aspects of the job. Then I realised what a privilege it is as all the questions are mine, the equipment is mine and I could stay in one or two rooms for induction as I only require one seat (despite my best efforts at McDonald’s).

We talked about rotas and holiday and pay schedules (I am a midwife, I am a midwife, I am a midwife). I got a great paperwork pack and everyone I met was hugely welcoming. I surprised a consultant by returning his French conversation with my own (not too shabby) French and not being laughed at although I may now have to increase my obstetrics vocabulary.

I left to head to Paperchase to get a file for my competency paperwork and documentation and was still managing to feel like a fraud and abit overwhelmed with informatjon and floor plans (I am a midwife. I am a midwife. I am a midwife) when I encountered an actual puppy

and suddenly everything was ok šŸ™‚

Tomorrow I have a suturing workshop (whaddup, Bear Factory skills?!), catheterisation refresher, and a small mountain or e-learning to crack on with. An e-mountain. Not Everest.

Looking forward to it!


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