Before my new job starts in a few weeks, I have a couple of weeks left at my interim job: McDonald’s.

I have loved working here, I’ve told loads of people this; I’d recommend it, I’d do it again, and truth be told, I wish I had started while I was still at uni.

End of gush.

One of my favourite bits is working on the drive thru’ windows as it means that all of the “not-allowed-in-store” dogs (aka all my best friends), get to meet me and I can smoosh them (then wash hands!), or at least say hi and tell them that they are best dog*.

What I also see is people doing things they shouldn’t

1.  Talking on the phone while driving. 

Actually the police have said recently, in light of the new law, that even smart paying with your phone is considered a contravention as your engine is on. But I’m talking about actually phone to ear, driving, being a knob. A guy recently got convicted because he was scrolling through music on his phone while driving a lorry and killed several people. So, put it down.

2.  Smoking in the car with children present.

What are you doing? That’s been against the law for well over a year, but even if it weren’t, what are you playing at? Pack it in, or let the kid light up. Oh, you wouldn’t do that?! Then don’t make them breathe your bastard smoke.

3. Too many people in a car

“Lol there were like 6 of us in the back!”

She said.

Before the overloaded car couldn’t navigate a corner at speed and it flipped and most of them died.

I’m not saying that happened, but it’s all fun and games until someone’s parents have to start an awareness FB page as if most of us didnt know that the “elephants in a mini” joke was just a joke.

4. Various dangerous seating arrangements for children 

So this one really boils my piss; today, I told the parents.

They came to the payment window and their toddler was sitting on the lap of the passenger.

“Your child needs to be in a car seat.”

-shocked faces…then attitude- “Yeah, we’ve GOT a car seat. It’s THERE (points to the back seat and a child-free car seat)

“That’s good, but she shouldnt be on a lap when you’re driving”

I take the money politely, and give them their change.

“You’re wasted in this job, you should be a police woman (have they seen my bra?!), jobsworth”

“Actually, I’m a Midwife.”
But you know what? NEITHER job is worth more than a child’s life. I wondered if I had really stepped over the line (maybe), but then if people don’t speak up when things are wrong or dangerous, then they will just continue.

Perhaps that car was only dawdling through the drive thru’, but I’ve seen and heard cars zoom round the corner to the window. And what if was one where they were already looking for their money, or one of the people above who are on their phone?

It takes one unexpected knock for that child to fly forwards off that passenger’s lap, and either knock their head on the dash board or for their neck to snap as they are caught by the passenger.

Funnily enough, a midwife and her husband (a police officer) came through about 20 minutes later and I asked their advice, they agreed: if you see something like that, you say something. Better than than the child’s face be on the front page of the local paper with the parents rying to educate us on child seats in view of their own error, after losing their daughter.

*every dog is best dog.


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