Desperation, Deliberation…Dissertation. Part 1

It’s that time of year.

Well, it’s a couple of months past that time of year.

Today I have been the most productive yet in terms of getting to grips with how to write it.

The most important part is that I have kidded myself into believing that I understand how to write it a little bit better than I did 24 hours ago. I’ve looked at various web pages (legit) and blog posts about how to go about it – but as is everything with Midwifery, this is different.

Our task is clear: the midwife’s role in something that can improve the service. Well, I say clear, you know, like clouds are clear. Made up of lots of little droplets of clear stuff – altogether: a foggy, soggy mist.

I’m whining. I know I am. Sorry.

Truth be told I settled on the area I’m going to look at a little while ago; I was aiming to look at the maternity care for women in prison. My placement area has cared for several women in that situation and I thought it would be really interesting; with my dissertation head on I was in practice, in the birth unit and a reg had been called up to double check the perineal damage on a woman who’d just given birth on a birth stool.

birthing stool

(Image via BirthRite)

She came out after said inspection and gave her assessment adding on that there was a lot of evidence against birthing on the stool – that they were good for descent, but they tilt the pelvis the wrong way or some such. *DOINK* My ears pricked up and suddenly my improvement of practice became blindingly obvious.

Maternal position in birth and the effect on the perineum.

Yes it needed refining in terms of a title, but I knew what I was going to look at. And that’s as much as I did for the subsequent 3 months. We had an assignment or two in between, as well as a presentation and two placements, but as far as the big D went: all aboard the Nope Train!


So, here I am with a list of tasks that don’t even cover writing the thing yet, I am going to prepare this so well that when I come to write it it’s just a very simple puzzle to put together.

For the most part, it’s reading; so much reading. I’m pleased I’ve picked something interesting to me that will really impact my rationale for practice – the key is just to not have a nervous break down between now and 20th April



Deadline: T-72 Days

Heather x


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