The Twitter “How-To” Post

Hello again, just a quickie today – not like that, you mucky filth!

If you’ve ever watched Jeremy Kyle, you’ll be aware of the damage that Facebook can do to people’s lives…when they live on it. Well, in some ways it can do the same to your professional life if you’re not wary of how you’re portraying yourself.
If you’ve had a Trust induction yet, or you’ve been to a few, they will tell you in no uncertain terms that you’ll be walking the plank if you act like a plank in the way you use it.
And you woodn’t want that now, would you?

sheesh, tough crowd!

But I’m not talking about BookFace, I’m talking about Twitter here.

Full disclosure: I Bloody Love Twitter

One of the best things about it is that you get linked up very, very quickly to up to the minute ideas and happenings. When conferences are happening and you’re not able to be there, follow the hashtag, you’ll see pictures, quotes, links, all sorts of stuff that you otherwise would have missed out on.

The other incredible thing is that THERE IS NO HIERARCHY on Twitter, you can follow anyone from your friends to speakers and professionals who are leaders of their fields. Cathy Warwick, Lesley Page, Sheena Byrom, Ina May Gaskin – and if you engage, you are already part of the community.

So, not sure where to start? Well you can, ahem, um, you can follow me @Twidmife and see who I follow and go from there, and that will start to suggest other similar people to follow (it’s clever, it knows how to do that!).

Twitter image

If you’d like, I did a 4 minute animated video a few months ago that was specifically for people, like us, who want to use their account professionally.

Hope you like it!


Heather x


One comment

  1. jennythem · November 27, 2014

    FaBuLoUs tWiDmIfE – lOvE iT 💕💕💕

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