A Quick Intro


I’m Heather, a second year student midwife who never quite got around to writing this blog in 2013; the thing is, I’ve read a few midwifery-related blogs and just wasn’t sure where my voice would fit in.

Maybe I’ll figure it out, maybe I won’t, but until that point, just pretend you’re reading every post I write as if you’ve picked up a diary, shaken it for any cash, found nothing, but decided to read a few pages anyway. I thought that if I just write for myself, at least I can guarantee one interested reader.


The reason for starting this now is that it’s second year and things have ramped up a bit…and by “a bit” I mean a lot. Suddenly I’m just over 18 months away from qualification, it’s two months until Christmas, I’m coming to the mid point in my first placement of the year and you know what? I feel like I know things. Real, useful, actual things! As I said though, this is just the third week in practice for this year – I’m hoping the feeling doesn’t go too far astray, but as it’s a profession where you are always learning something I doubt I’ll ever know ALL THE THINGS.

I told you it was a quick intro, but if you want to say hello, follow me on Twitter.com/Twidmife


WAT ARE THIS?: Babies are born without kneecaps.


Confidentiality on Good Palpations

All names and circumstances will always have been altered to protect trust and confidentiality of all involved.

Any accounts of situations are only ever from my point of view.

I am not the authority on anything, I never assume to be right, just to tell you how I feel about something.


If you’ve been linked to this post directly, it’s because you’ve asked me for more than I personally feel is right to say. Should you disagree, that’s your privilege, but you followed a link to my blog and unless you develop legilimency you’re not going to get much further with the detail searching. Please consider this effective occlumency.

Yes, that was a Harry Potter reference, but yes, I’m still serious about it. Actually, the fact that I used HP means I’m doubly serious.